One of the primary goals in dentistry is to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. However, there are situations that some patients may be in that warrant the extraction of an adult tooth. Working with a dentist who offers tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal in the La Mesa, California area, is the first step in learning more.

Why might I need wisdom teeth surgery?

The wisdom teeth, or the “third molars,” are the last teeth to erupt through the gum line and the most problematic. They can become impacted and stuck underneath the gums or grow in sideways and push against surrounding teeth. In some instances, they may erupt through the gum line but contribute to cavities and periodontal disease because they are too far back to effectively brush and floss. In situations such as this, we may provide extractions to remove them. Extractions include surgical and non-surgical, depending on whether or not the tooth is accessible from above the gum line.

Dental extractions aftercare

After a patient has had a tooth extracted, they need to follow the dental extractions aftercare instructions given to them by their dentist. Following the recommendations of the dentist is the best way to reduce the risk of any chances of infection or problems such as a dry socket. These impact the healing time and recovery. Most patients are advised to enjoy a soft diet for a few days to a week following their extraction for comfort and safety.

Reasons for tooth extraction

Below are just a few of the more common reasons why patients may have teeth extracted:

  • Baby teeth are preventing adult teeth from erupting
  • Impacted or infected wisdom teeth
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment, typically in cases where overcrowding is a concern (this is rarely done anymore)
  • Trauma to a natural tooth
  • Vertical root fracture of a tooth
  • Teeth impacted by periodontal disease or large cavities
  • Teeth that have had failed root canal therapy

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