Patients who visit the office of Summit Dental of La Mesa in La Mesa, California, might believe that the focus of the appointment is on the teeth. However, there are other parts of the oral cavity that should be evaluated regularly—and for good reason! Oral cancer is a serious cancer that can impact one’s overall health and become dangerous if not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Our team not only provides oral cancer screenings but also offers oral biopsies to check certain growths and masses that may be cancerous.

What is an oral biopsy?

An oral biopsy is the process of taking a sample of a unique or concerning growth in the mouth that may be indicative of oral cancer. It is the best way to diagnose cancer

What kind of growths might develop in the mouth that are not cancerous?

There are many times when growths may develop in the mouth that does not necessarily mean that cancer is present. Some oral diseases to look for and monitor that are not cancerous (benign) include:

  • Leukoplakia
  • Fibroma
  • Pregnancy tumors
  • Mucous membrane pemphigoid
  • Lichen planus
  • Canker sores
  • Cold sores

When should I be concerned?

Any new growth or mass in the mouth, including areas that appear as wounds that do not heal within 2 weeks should be evaluated by a dentist to ensure they are benign. We recommend patients bring these to the attention of their dentist when they arrive so further evaluation can be done.

Discuss the importance of oral cancer screenings with our team of providers at Summit Dental of La Mesa

Drs, Evans and Allen of La Mesa, California, encourage patients in the area to visit a dental practice that offers oral cancer screenings and biopsies. This is incredibly vital to ensure early diagnosis and effective treatment for the best possible outcome. Call our office at (619) 494-2492 to schedule your oral cancer screening at our facility, located at 8530 La Mesa Boulevard, Suite #204.