At Summit Dental of La Mesa, we provide the best possible care for patients in and around the community of La Mesa, California. Our practice is equipped with the latest technology to ensure comprehensive, precision care and attention for our patients. One of the technologies we use in our facility is that of the intraoral camera.

What are intraoral cameras?

When evaluating a patient’s smile, a dentist performs both an internal examination using digital x-rays and a physical examination to look for signs of disease, decay, or other dental problems that might require treatment. However, patients are unable to see these signs for themselves. However, with the use of a special intraoral camera, patients can view high-resolution photos of their mouths and any problem that may be present

Why work with a dentist who offers intraoral cameras?

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to diagnose and treat a variety of medical and dental concerns. With the intraoral camera, patients can see what is happening in their smile and work alongside their dentist to make improvements. Using an intraoral camera provides better evaluations and the ability to see progress in any treatments the patient is currently undergoing.

There are many benefits to using intraoral cameras, including:

  • More thorough evaluations for improved diagnostics
  • The ability for patients to see their smile as their dentist does
  • Opportunities to take image screenshots for a patient’s record
  • The chance to see the structures of the mouth from various angles
  • Real-time view of a patient’s smile with high-resolution video and images

Enjoy state-of-the-art solutions with the team at Summit Dental of La Mesa

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