The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry highly recommends that parents take their child to be seen by a dentist by their first birthday, or when their first tooth erupts through the gums. While this may sound way too soon, it is never too early to engage your child with a kids’ dental office and build a lasting relationship. La Mesa, California, area patients can build a proper foundation for respect and education, ensuring children take good care of their smiles for the rest of their lives. 

What types of dental services are available with a pediatric dentistry facility? 

Pediatric dentistry encompasses a variety of services and treatments for children—some of which are also used for adults. This includes: 

  • Infant tooth decay – we can educate patients on how to avoid early childhood caries or cavities and can provide fillings when they do occur to maintain natural teeth when possible. 
  • Sealants for kids – sealants are plastic coatings that are applied onto the surfaces of the teeth to add an extra layer of protection against cavities—especially for the teeth near the back of the mouth, which may be difficult for children to reach when brushing and are more susceptible to damage. 
  • Fluoride treatment for kids – fluoride is another element that can be administered onto the teeth to protect them from cavities.  Fluoride can strengthen the teeth and tooth structures.
  • Extractions – sometimes, children may have too many teeth in the mouth, which can cause overcrowding. In situations such as this, our team may extract baby teeth to prepare the smile for orthodontic work to realign the dental arch.

Enjoy quality care for yourself and your children at Summit Dental of La Mesa

La Mesa, California, area patients who are interested in bringing their children in for pediatric dentistry are welcome to do so. Our team of professionals can assist individuals of all ages. Call our practice at (619) 494-2492 today and find out more about the services we offer to our area youth. Drs. Richard Evans and Christine Allen believe in providing dental solutions for children and adults at their practice, conveniently located at 8530 La Mesa Boulevard in Suite #204.