Save natural teeth with nonsurgical root canal therapy

Summit Dental of La Mesa provides root canal therapy to help patients who suffer from nagging toothaches or have teeth that are sensitive to temperature and are painful when chewing food. Dr. Richard Evans provides nonsurgical endodontic (root canal) treatment to save an infected tooth without extraction.   

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is generally performed by an Endodontist and is recommended when the pulp or nerves in your teeth are decayed or damaged. 

A tooth consists of a soft tissue inner pulp and the hard-outer white enamel crown.  The inner pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective canals extending from the crown to the root of the tooth. 

When a tooth is fractured, chipped, or decayed, harmful bacteria can penetrate the inner pulp chamber causing infection and considerable pain inside the tooth.  Dentists recommend nonsurgical root canal therapy to remove the source of infection to preserve the tooth. 

When is root canal therapy needed? 

Root canal therapy is needed to save an infected tooth when symptoms such as acute pain are present when chewing or placing pressure on the infected tooth, considerable sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures, swelling of the gum surrounding the infected tooth. 

What to expect in an endodontic treatment

At Summit Dental of La Mesa, CA, Dr. Evans makes sure that root canal therapy is a non-traumatic procedure for patients.  Antibiotics and necessary pain medications are prescribed to help patients overcome pain and discomfort before starting on the root canal procedure. 

The endodontic treatment procedure consists of two appointments.

  • At the first visit, the dentist will numb the infected tooth to provide immediate relief 
  • The infected blood vessels and nerves are removed using the latest endodontic instruments, and the root canals are sanitized. 
  • The open tooth chambers are then sealed, and a temporary crown is placed to protect the tooth. 
  • On your second appointment, the temporary crown is removed, and a durable porcelain crown is placed. Patients can resume their normal lifestyles after the appointment.

Pain-Free Root Canal Therapy

Root canal Video
Many think of Root Canal Therapy as a painful procedure, but if done properly, the treatment will give you no pain. These perceptions are based on misinformation and bad experiences. You’ll find that this treatment is pain-free with a professional dentist qualified to carry it out. Root Canals can be just what you need to save your precious tooth.
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Root canal recovery 

Managing your tooth after a root canal treatment is particularly important.   Although your restored tooth may not be painful anymore, you may sometimes feel sensitivity for a day or two. It is advisable to refrain from biting on any hard foods and avoid sugary foods for a few days as the healing of the soft tissue continues after the root canal procedure is completed. 

It is necessary to practice good hygiene and remember to schedule regular dental checkups to ensure your teeth are healing well and to maintain good oral health at all times. 

Your healthy smile is in good hands at Summit Dental of La Mesa, and you are welcome to call us at (619) 494-2492 to learn more and to schedule your consultation.