If full or partial tooth loss is left untreated, it does not just impact an individual’s self-image—it can also impact the function and health of the smile. Missing teeth also contribute to increasing the risk of nutritional deficiencies or systemic health disorders. Fortunately, patients of La Mesa, California, who are faced with tooth loss, have a variety of options available to them for replacing missing teeth, including dentures. 

A denture is an oral appliance that is made to replace missing teeth. In most situations, they are removable restorations that are made of acrylic, resin, metal, or a combination of various materials. They restore not only the appearance of the smile but a patient’s ability to eat and speak properly. Drs. Richard Evans and Christine Allen of Summit Dental of La Mesa encourage patients to learn about their options and discuss the types of dentures that can be obtained at their practice. 

What types of dentures are available?

Our team offers three types of dentures to replace missing teeth, including: 

  • Partial dentures – partial dentures are made of a metal framework that uses the existing teeth to support the appliance in place within the dental arch. In certain applications, a nonmetal framework partial dentures can be used. The partial denture uses false teeth that slide into place when the denture is inserted.
  • Full dentures – full dentures are typically made of medical-grade acrylics or plastics and replicate the appearance of a full arch of teeth. The appliance is often held in place with natural suction or even denture adhesives that are available over-the-counter. 
  • Implant retained dentures – for the best results, patients typically choose implant-retained dentures when they are candidates. These are full dentures that are put permanently in place within the mouth using dental implants to anchor them into the mouth. These are the most stable and desirable dentures available. 

Which one is right for me? 

Our professionals will advise patients as to the benefits of each treatment to help them make a knowledgeable decision in choosing the one right for them. If you are interested in learning more about dentures and determine if they are appropriate for your situation, call the office of Summit Dental of La Mesa at (619) 494-2492 and visit us at 8530 La Mesa Boulevard, Suite #204. We are committed to providing solutions for children and adults who have experienced permanent tooth loss.