If you are considering the best way to whiten teeth, look no further than your local dental office. At Summit Dental of La Mesa, patients in and around the community of La Mesa, California, can obtain a more brilliant and beautiful smile with the help of our staff. Drs. Richard Evans and Christine Allen are dedicated to assisting others in brightening their teeth and feeling more confident with their smile’s appearance and function. Our team offers a number of solutions, including Opalescence Boost and KoR whitening systems.

  • Home whitening – our home whitening program uses a hydrogen peroxide gel that is administered into custom-made trays for the top and bottom teeth. Patients wear the trays with the gel for a specific period each day to slowly brighten the smile. 
  • Office whitening – patients who want same-day results will want to ask our team about our office whitening, which is done under the care of our dental team and can brighten the smile up to eight shades whiter in a single visit.

Which one is right for me? 

There are many reasons why natural teeth may darken or become stained and discolored. Choosing the most appropriate whitening method for your needs can be done with the assistance of our team.   You can point out your concerns and speak to a professional about the results you desire. Patients who want fast and fully monitored whitening may prefer our in-office bleaching procedure, while others looking for a gradual enhancement that fits their budget may consider the advantages of our take-home whitening options.

Improve Your Smile Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Video
One of the most popular cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening, is now a staple at any reputed dental clinic. While you can choose to opt for an in-office procedure or at-home teeth whitening, one thing is certain—you no longer have to make do with a dull smile!
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La Mesa, California patients who are interested in learning more about the benefits of professional teeth whitening are encouraged to take the time to speak to our professionals about their options. No matter which whitening method you choose, you can brighten your teeth quickly and easily with our assistance. Call (619) 494-2492 to request a visit at 8530 La Mesa Boulevard, Suite #204, and ask about the best way to whiten teeth.