There are times when patients in the area of La Mesa, California, may benefit from specific oral surgery procedures. Drs. Richard Evans and Christine Allen of Summit Dental of La Mesa are committed to providing a wide range of surgical treatments for patients who need them to improve their oral health, function and appearance of the smile. Below are just a few of the more common oral surgeries offered in the facility:

  • Tooth extraction – there are many situations where a patient might need a baby tooth or permanent tooth extracted. Tooth extractions are done quickly and easily with proper sedation and anesthetics for optimum comfort. Tooth extraction might occur due to a baby tooth not coming out on its own or a tooth is unrestorable.
  • Wisdom teeth removal – there are two types of wisdom teeth removal, including surgical and simple. Surgical removal requires oral surgery to remove a wisdom tooth that has not erupted through the gum line, while simple removal is done quickly as the tooth is accessible above the gum line. Wisdom teeth tend to be problematic for many patients, so removal of these teeth is relatively common.
  • Bone grafts – patients considering dental implants may require bone grafting. The dentist builds up the natural bone of the jaw to prepare it for the placement of dental implants. This is necessary because the dental implant requires enough bone to successfully place it and ensure it lasts as expected.
  • Jaw surgery – there are times when patients may need surgery of the jaw for preparing for orthodontic work or to address problems such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD). Jaw surgery is performed with proper anesthetic and sedation, and patients are educated on the entire process from start to finish to fully understand how the procedure works.

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La Mesa, California, area patients considering oral surgery procedures such as tooth extraction, jaw surgery, bone grafts, or wisdom teeth removal can contact the team at Summit Dental of La Mesa at (619) 494-2492 to request an appointment. Our providers are here to help new and current patients at the facility, conveniently located at 8530 La Mesa Boulevard, Suite #204.