The latest dental technology is available in La Mesa, CA

Oral medicine has been part of human culture for a long time – there is archeological evidence of dental treatment dating back more than 14,000 years. Tremendous advances came about in the era of “modern dentistry” (starting in the 1800s). The field continues to evolve today, often in the form of technology. Drs. Richard Evans and Christine Allen are committed to bringing the benefits of that progress to patients in the La Mesa CA and surrounding communities.  Summit Dental  in La Mesa is equipped with current dental technology.

The purpose of advanced technology in a dental office

We get enthused about new technology and techniques. That excitement, however, is not why we invest in modern dental technology and the extensive staff training that goes along with it. Rather, we stay current because we believe every patient of Summit Dental  deserves comfortable dentistry – procedures performed as efficiently, precisely, and conservatively as possible, with little or no distress. We embrace digital dentistry because of the advantages it delivers to you.

For your benefit – dental technology in La Mesa, CA

Digital radiographs – A quick, comfortable improvement over traditional film X-rays, with a fraction of the radiation exposure. Digital X-rays provide clear images viewed instantly on a computer monitor for patient involvement and treatment planning. They are easily shared with your other healthcare providers for integrated care.

CEREC same day crowns – This technology means your porcelain restoration is completed in one visit. There is no need for a temporary crown or another trip to the office. These monolithic crowns are meticulously milled from a solid block of a strong ceramic for durability, stain resistance, and an extremely natural look.

ICat V17 Cone Beam CT scanner (CBCT) –  this is an advanced, state of the art technology producing 3D images that helps to develop and plan your dental treatment for oral surgery, root canal treatment, orthodontics, dental implants and TMJ treatment.  Cone beam CT imaging technology helps to visualize the  intricate structures inside your mouth such as the root canals, bone levels and nerves, without surgery.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is an advanced, state of the art technology that produces 3D images and promises to change the way many dental problems are diagnosed and treated.

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