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To restore your smile with a long-lasting and investment-worthy replacement, we are pleased to provide dental implants in La Mesa, California. Our dentists provide extensive explanations of any treatments they might recommended, at Summit Dental of La Mesa, you can explore your options. Your smile is a lifetime feature, and we will only do the procedure with which you feel the most comfortable. For individualized care and consideration, we invite you to call 619-460-0700 and learn more about our dental implants.

Implant dentistry is an excellent solution for replacing your missing tooth or teeth, especially teeth that are causing significant toothache. Dental implants are prosthetic teeth, and are designed to provide long-term solutions for your oral health, oral function and smile. In fact, as long as you care for your implant with regular brushing and flossing as well as routine visits to our dentist, your implant can last for a lifetime.

Implant consist of two main parts, the implant post and the implant restoration. Implant posts are made of biocompatible material, and are surgically inserted into your jawbone to replace your tooth roots. They perform the same function as your original tooth root, working to stimulate your supporting jawbone to keep it healthy and provide your teeth with a stable foundation. Following your implant placement surgery, our dentist will work with you to create a custom implant restoration. This restoration may be a single crown, a bridge, or a complete or partial denture depending on your needs. Your implant restoration will be designed to fit your smile perfectly and provide you with a long-lasting and aesthetic result.

Almost everyone is a candidate for implant dentistry. As long as your teeth and mouth are healthy you should be able to receive a dental implant without any complications. However, if you have a pre-existing condition, such as tooth decay or gum disease, our dentist will need to provide treatment for that condition prior to placing a dental implant. If you have lost supporting bone tissue you may also require a bone graft before we can place your implant.

If you are dealing with any tooth pain and think you might need an extraction, call to learn more about how tooth implants can benefit you and schedule a consultation with our dentist!

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