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What Causes Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

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May 31

Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder in which one of 2 things happen while you sleep.  You either stop breathing for 10 seconds or longer or your blood oxygen level drops by 4 % or more. The more times you have one of these happen each hour, the less usable oxygen your brain and body […]

Oct 01

Sleep apnea is a prevalent sleep disorder where a person has pauses in breathing during sleep. Usually, it is not considered a severe problem, but it can lead to serious health complications if not treated. If you want to know more about sleep apnea, Summit Dental Of La Mesa has prepared information about it, including […]

Aug 13

For active individuals, getting to sleep can be a difficult routine each night. Often, it is due to their restless personality. On the other hand, people who suffer from daytime fatigue fail to realize that they may have a medical disorder. Often, it will take a loved one to confront them about being tested for […]

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