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Nov 10

TMJ pain is an unwelcome visitor in your life. The pain can be so bad that it disrupts your life for days, months, or even years until you find relief. Whether you suffer from chronic or acute TMJ pain, you don’t deserve a life of discomfort. At Summit Dental of La Mesa, Drs. Richard Evans, […]

Oct 01

Modern-day life can be hectic. With personal, family, and job responsibilities to take care of, you can easily miss your appointment with your TMD dentist. After all, “it won’t help, anyway,” you may tell yourself. Perhaps, your symptoms come and go, and you have learned to “live with pain.” Whatever the reason, seeking TMJ Disorders […]

Mar 24

Imagine for a second that you have intense pain in your mouth. Now imagine that this pain is with you all day. It doesn’t go away, and it is throbbing 24/7. This is the reality of most people who suffer from TMJ Disorders and facial pain. TMJ Disorders are serious conditions that can do damage, […]

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