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4 reasons La Mesa, CA, should find a trusted cosmetic dentist

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Richard B. Evans, DDS
Dr. Richard B. Evans
Dr. Christine Allen
Dr. Christine Allen
Dr. Erin Ransom
Dr. Erin Ransom
Dr. Stephanie Peacock
Dr. Stephanie Peacock

Welcome to our practice, where our accomplished dental professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional care while embodying expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Dr. Richard B. Evans, D.D.S., with degrees from the University of California, Riverside, and the Georgetown University School of Dentistry, brings extensive experience. His commitment to excellence is evident through his Fellowships and specialization in sleep and T.M.J. disorders. Membership in prestigious organizations like the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain showcases his authority.

Dr. Christine Allen, D.D.S., is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland Dental School. Dr. Allen's ongoing education keeps her at the forefront of dental technologies. Her membership in esteemed dental associations and fluency in Japanese underline her trustworthiness in delivering quality care.

Dr. Erin Ransom, D.M.D., is a Notre Dame graduate. Her passion for education led her to Teach For America before pursuing dentistry at the University of Connecticut. Her dedication to oral health, membership in the American Academy of Clear Aligners, and Notre Dame's Cum Laude honors emphasize her authority.

Dr. Stephanie Peacock, D.D.S., is a UCLA dental program alumna. Her commitment to diverse communities, especially the Hispanic community, showcases her trustworthiness. Her elective residency at the Rocky Mountain Regional Veterans Affairs Medical Center expanded her expertise, and her dedication to her patient's well-being is evident.

Together, our team establishes a foundation of excellence in dentistry, ensuring exceptional care and patient satisfaction.

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