4 Reasons, Should Find a Patient for Trusted Cosmetic Dentist in La Mesa, CA Area

4 reasons La Mesa, CA, should find a trusted cosmetic dentist

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Richard B. Evans, DDS
Dr. Evans
Dr. Christine Allen
Dr. Allen
Dr. Bethany Englund
Dr. Englund


Summit Dental in La Mesa, California is committed to delivering the best dental health care possible. The staff is dedicated to preserving and improving the natural beauty of your smile with the use of conservative, cutting-edge procedures that result in attractive, long-lasting smiles! Dr. R. B. Evans, DDS, Georgetown University School of Dentistry; Dr. Christine Allen, DDS, University of Maryland Dental School; and Dr. Bethany Englund, DDS, University of Southern California make up our hardworking team of doctors.

Drs. Evans, Allen, and Englund rely on our staff, including Sara, the front office manager, Patricia, the hygienist, and Kim and Kiary, the dental assistants, since we all share the same aims for our patients' at Summit Dental.

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