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Do you know what jaw and facial pain are and how it affects your oral health? Chronic jaw and facial pain is a condition in which you routinely suffer from discomfort. Typically, chronic jaw and facial pain can arise due to tenderness in your jaw, although it can also be felt in your face when biting down on products or even manifest as headaches. If you are suffering from jaw and facial pain, it is important to understand the possible causes and visit our team of professionals for appropriate treatments.

In many cases, chronic jaw and facial pain can be linked to underlying issues with your oral health. If you have a toothache or are suffering from bruxism, gum disease or a TMJ disorder, you may be at an increased risk for jaw and facial pain. Furthermore, signs and symptoms of jaw and facial pain can arise due to infections, sinus problems, arthritis or oral accidents and injuries.

If you are suffering from chronic jaw and facial pain, speak with our dentist about the use of various drugs and anti-inflammatory devices to help minimize discomfort. Furthermore, oral health strengthening exercises, mouth protector appliances, the use of root canal therapy, periodontal treatment or a tooth extraction are all known methods for help relieving symptoms associated with jaw and facial pain.

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