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You know that brushing your teeth every day is absolutely necessary for ideal oral health. You know the color of your personal toothbrush. But beyond that, how much do you really know about toothbrushes? Keep reading to be informed.

Is an electric or manual toothbrush better?
It may come as a surprise that both electric and manual toothbrushes can effectively clean your teeth if used properly. Simply brush twice a day for two minutes. Choose a manual or an electric toothbrush based on your preferences. If you find brushing with a manual toothbrush difficult, you may want to try an electric toothbrush. Talk to our dentists about which type of toothbrush is ideal for you.

When should a toothbrush be replaced?
The lifespan of a toothbrush is three to four months. Make sure to get a new toothbrush your toothbrush at this time, or sooner if the bristles begin to look frayed. Keep in mind that a worn or frayed toothbrush will not be able to clean your teeth as well.

Which type of bristles is best?
Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, whether you are using an electric or manual toothbrush. Using a toothbrush with firm or medium can damage your gums and tooth enamel. Do not scrub your teeth when you brush, as this can also damage the enamel.

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