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At Summit Dental of La Mesa our mission is to provide the finest dental care in the easiest and the most friendly matter.  As an owner I feel we have one of the best group of people working at Summit Dental.  In the front office Jill, Sara and Leanne are always cheerful and very helpful.  They work very hard at making sure you know up front any insurance benefits or any financial commitment for your dental care.

In the back Kathy, Katrina and Nomei are always concerned about your comfort. Our hygienists, Patty, Julia and Lynda are the best at maintaining your oral health or working with you to prevent further damage from gum disease.  Dr Jagger is very concerned about the quality of her dental care and is very efficient.  

If you need a specialist for your gum problem or you need an implant, Dr Hsu, our periodontist, is very knowledgeable and a great surgeon.  If you need an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal or a difficult extraction, Dr. Smith and Dr Hammond are some of the best in their field.

What We Want For You

All of us at Summit Dental want to prevent you from getting dental problems or prevent any problems from getting worse.  If you want a more beautiful smile, we can help with as simple as our “Forever White” tooth whitening program, to veneers, all ceramic crowns, implants or orthodontic treatment including Invisalign and Orthotropics. 

Sedation for Fear of Dental Treatment 

If you are anxious or are a “dental phobic” due to bad dental experiences, we can offer you a range of options like nitrous oxide, light oral sedation before your appointment, full oral sedation, or with extractions we have IV sedation.

Therapy for Sleep & TMJ Disorders

Do you not sleep well because you or your significant other snores loudly?  We can help your snoring with an oral appliance.  We are required to rule out sleep apnea first, which could be life threatening, but we can help treat that also.  Do you want relief from head and neck pain that is not getting better?  Again we can get you going in the right direction to relieve your pain.  These are medical conditions and are usually covered by your medical insurance.

Treatment Philosophy

We feel it is our responsibility to address your concerns, and to inform you of any concerns we have.  We also believe you should never feel pressured to receive any treatment from us. 

However, we do have a continuing system to “remind” you when you are due or past due for a professional cleaning or periodontal maintenance.   We do this because it is less costly for you to catch a problem early or to prevent it all together.  If you do not like these reminders, you can stop them by either scheduling an appointment or by requesting us to inactivate you from our preventive reminder system.    We give a little pressure for prevention because we want the “best” for you!

Richard B. Evans, D.D.S.

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